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Our Story

W.E.B. Du Bois believed in a “talented tenth” of black men that would arise to become thought leaders and cultural missionaries, creating the next-generation of exceptional men. We created The Tenth clothing brand so that every black man can feel empowered. We see the excellence in all black men and want to encourage them not only to see it in themselves, but also to encourage others do to the same. By creating a clothing brand that seeks to empower every man to be his most exceptional self, we hope to strengthen the bonds of our community, providing an aesthetic style and quality clothing that every man can feel proud to wear.


Clothing should do more than cover your body. It should inform who you are and the impact you seek to leave on those around you. The Tenth is an apparel brand that inspires black men to be exceptional through their community and clothing. With an unmatched level of confidence through soul and style, we believe black men can empower their communities and families by empowering themselves. With The Tenth, we’ve created a brand where empowered black men can wear their philanthropy on their sleeve.